Group Program

Group Program

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Does your dog like to run and play with others of similar size? Our Group Program is for them! We offer 1 hour of off leash play in our indoor/outdoor facility with other dogs and a variety of toys! Small groups keep the fun calm and controlled.  We carefully screen dogs so only social dogs are accepted. A minimum of two qualified staff members per group keep eyes on all situations and provide lots of one on one attention. Active staff engagement promotes solid play skills and basic manners training. We believe:  A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog!

What to expect from the Group Program service: 

  • Pet Care Providers will arrive at a pre-arranged scheduled time to pick up your dog for group
  • Your dog(s) will be approached in a friendly, caring and patient manner
  • We will ensure your dog is securely attached to the leash and that any additional necessities (coats, boots, etc.) are used as required
  • Your house will be locked when we pick up and drop off your dog
  • We enforce basic car manners for a safe ride for all
  • All dogs will have a small walk before and after group in order to do their business
  • After your dog is returned safe and sound we will send you an update (usually with a cute picture) of your dog and how group went

Cost:  $29.00 +HST